BBC iPlayer is an amazing streaming service that is only available in the United Kingdom. You can enjoy TV shows, multiple BBC channels, and catch up on series on the BBC iPlayer. Plus, the iPlayer app is compatible with most devices such as iOS, Android, Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, or Roku so you can lie down and stream on your couches.

How to Watch Free BBC iPlayer Shows in the Netherlands Step-by-Step Guide: The Easiest Way to Watch BBC iPlayer in Netherlands. Summary: BBC iPlayer is a streaming service that is region-locked. Only United Kingdom citizens can access iPlayer from their region. That means as soon as you step out of the country, the service won’t play any shows even if you have a BBC account. VPN Won't Connect? How to Fix this + other common VPN Problems Oct 25, 2019

I have a KDL-40NX803 WIFI capable set and have the same problem, all other video sites are OK except iPlayer. I too can access iPlayer on my iPad and my PC no problem. How do I "Refresh Internet content", only ever done that when the TV has asked. No idea where to look to get this to refresh. Thanks.

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Hi, I was having this issue of iPlayer refusing to load on my 2016 UE48JU6400 - it was just hanging on the 'iPlayer loading' screen. Tried all the usual things - unplug and cycle TV on/off, check latest firmware, delete and reinstate individual apps, reset smarthub, reset entire TV, etc.

BBC iPlayer USA - How to Watch iPlayer Anywhere in 2020 The technology that companies like the BBC iPlayer and Hulu use, works by looking up your IP address when you connect. If you’re in the right country, then no problem other wise you’ll be blocked. So for example, here’s some of the other great streaming service sites you can access with a VPN/proxy server – Hulu – Only US Address How to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad? (updated July 2020) Jul 07, 2020 BBC IPLAYER not working on Firestick — Digital Spy If it is only set up on your laptop then the Firestick won't be using it. That may explain part of the problem. Plus the Laptop and Firestick will connect to iPlayer in slightly different ways. So the fact it works on the laptop does not guarantee anything else can access it. 1.