Are any safer alternatives to Tor available in Dark Web

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Freenet’s is among one of the top alternatives to the Tor browser. It is based on a distributed network system or peer-to-peer system, similar to Torrent websites, which allows it to retain online privacy and evade surveillance.

Alternatives to Tor? : onions - reddit Depends what you want Tor for. If you want clearnet browsing anonymity, Tor is basically your only serious option. Other networks like i2p and GNUnet may have the ability to exit to the clearnet, but they'll be unreliable (i2p+GNUnet), and you might even be the only person in the world using them at the time, making it much easier to identify you (GNUnet). 9 Tor Alternatives and Competitors Tor (The Onion Router) is a software that ensures your privacy by changing your IP (your IP will be changed successively through different servers) so (7 Free and 2 Paid) 9 Alternatives to Tor. Competitors, similar software and programs like Tor

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