This entry is the name of the VPN group that is reflected in the Cisco ASA 5505 Easy VPN Client configuration. • iKE Peer Authentication Pre-Shared Key— cisco123 This entry is the group key that must be duplicated in the Cisco ASA 5505 Easy VPN Client configuration.

Configuring Cisco EzVPN on Cisco ASA and IOS Router Oct 18, 2012 How to enable the Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10 Sep 12, 2016

Resources at the remote side are not visible, and cannot be accessed by the headend. Network Extension Mode: Remote subnets are visible to the headend and remote resources can be accessed by their native IP. 'ip local pool' is not needed.

Easy VPN (EzVPN) - Cisco Press: Source for Cisco The Cisco Easy VPN feature supports two modes of operation: Client Mode; Network Extension Mode; You will examine each of these modes in detail in the following sections. EzVPN Client Mode. Figure 4-2 shows an IPSec Unity client configured for Client Mode in order to establish an IPSec VPN … Configuring the Cisco ASA 5505 Easy VPN (EZVPN) | ASA Easy

Sep 12, 2016

Hi, I need to change the access method for remote locations as network extension mode; currently the remote location users are accessing HO using the cisco vpn client software. The server configuration and network extension mode config are below Issues with 1. Loopback interface - When I create the Configuring Cisco Easy VPN Server and Client on ASA 8.4