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GitHub - awslabs/amazon-eks-ami: Packer configuration for The Makefile runs Packer with the eks-worker-al2.json build specification template and the amazon-ebs builder. An instance is launched and the Packer Shell Provisioner runs the script on the instance to install software and perform other necessary configuration tasks. Then, Packer creates an AMI from the instance and terminates the instance after the AMI is created. 9STAR releases eight new AMI’s for Elastic SSO via Amazon The AWS Marketplace is an online storefront that helps its customers find and buy the software they need for running their businesses. With AWS Marketplace, Elastic SSO is now available as a pre-configured Amazon Machine Image (AMI), enabling customers to deploy it in the Amazon Compute Cloud (EC2) with just a few mouse clicks.

Image CIS Amazon Linux 2 Benchmark v1.0.0.17 - Level 1-4c096026-c6b0-440c-bd2f-6d34904e4fc6-ami-0cf334faea77fbdbb.4 (ami-0ef8f637d26b1ddfa) provided by aws-marketplace on The Cloud Market

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The AMIs from the AWS Marketplace look trustable, they have amazon-web-services amazon-ec2 amazon-ami. asked Launched the default Amazon AMI for PHP 7.0. Created a Ubuntu instance and installed all amazon-web-services elastic-beanstalk amazon-ami.

What is AWS Marketplace? - AWS Marketplace For more information, see AWS Marketplace Sellers on Amazon Web Service Tax Help. Products can take many forms. For instance, a product can be offered as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that is instantiated using your AWS account. amazon ec2 - What's the difference between EC2 Community