My POP3 email address is used as my id for Microsoft Account, but I have a different password on Microsoft Account. Received message when checking setting on email that the address password was incorrect on link to email. keeps rejecting change when I try to correct and save.

Set up, use, and manage Yahoo Account Key to sign in without a password Help for your Yahoo Account Fix issues with Yahoo Account Key. Account Key boosts security by sending a prompt to your mobile phone instead of using a password. Explore this guide to fix any issues that may come up. Set up, use, and manage Yahoo Account Key to sign in without a password. Enable Account Key to access your account more securely using your smartphone. How do I delete an e-mail account or address? Google Gmail. Sign in to My Account. On the left side of the screen, select Data and personalization. … Manage your Yahoo Mail Pro subscription | Yahoo Help - SLN2742

Set up, use, and manage Yahoo Account Key to sign in without a password

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Select ‘Profile’ and then ‘Update my Profile’. Move to ‘Contact Info’ section and select the ‘Email’ tab. Select ‘Manage’ under Free AT&T email account and if the user doesn’t get the option then email account cannot be deleted. Select ‘Delete Account’ on the ‘Member ID’ line and click ‘OK’.

Close or reactivate your Yahoo account. You can close your Yahoo account at any time. Before doing so, please review the following info to understand what this action means for your account and your data. What happens after my account is closed? Cancel your Yahoo Small Business account May 24, 2019 Delete Your AT&T Email Account - Email Support When you cancel an AT&T service, the AT&T email address, also known as a Member ID, associated with that account isn't removed. You can continue to use that email address as an AT&T free email account without any charge. If you’d like to delete the email address, you must do that manually. My Yahoo